Membership Levels

The Minnesota Academy of Audiology (MAA) has four categories of membership, the qualifications, rights and obligations of which are as stated below. All membership applications are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors of the MAA. No member has any right, title or interest in or any property of the MAA.

Fellow: As of January 1, 2007, applicants who graduated in 2007 or later must have a doctoral degree in Audiology from an accredited Audiology program to be eligible for fellow membership. Applicants who graduated in 2006 or earlier must have at least a master’s degree in Audiology to be eligible for fellow membership. To be eligible for fellow membership, international applicants must live outside the United States and have at least a US-obtained master’s degree or a certificate of equivalency regardless of the year of graduation. Application documentation and criteria will be followed in accordance with current Academy policy and procedures. Fellows are the only members with the right to vote and hold office.

Associate: Membership is open to persons in allied professions, and any other individual who has an interest in audiology, but does not meet the requirements for fellow membership. Associate members are prohibited from using affiliation with the Academy for the promotion of commercial products or services. Associate members shall not have voting privileges.

Student: Membership is open to students in training for careers in Audiology. Student members must be accepted by or enrolled in a regionally accredited program in Audiology. Student members shall not have voting privileges.

Legacy Supporter: Membership will be reserved for retired audiologists who will receive special consideration given years of service to the organization and/or profession. Legacy members shall not have voting privileges.

Please note:
The Academy estimates that the nondeductible portion of membership dues attributable to lobbying is 45.6%.

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